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Program Management Office

BI focuses our PMO Support Services on improving project performance and ensuring results that achieve project success and meet your expectations. Managing and implementing projects with multiple vendors, diverse partnerships and varied goals is a tough, complex job. BI is there to deliver the solutions you need.

Our extensive government experience and proficiency ensure projects are on-time and on-budget. Our results-focused performance and hands-on experience allow our teams to customize methodologies, frameworks, and best practice to achieve your mission and business requirements. We focus on delivering agency projects with consistency, repeatability, and efficiency. 

 BI provides:

Reliable, Repeatable Governance of Projects – From resource management, to issue management, to progress tracking and reporting.

  • Scalable Support – BI delivers flexible PMO support services, specifically designed to meet each client’s needs.
  • Centralized Accountability – We focus on delivering value and solving problems for our clients. We continually identify and resolve gaps or issues that conflict with project performance.
  • Mentoring – We work shoulder to shoulder with client teams to create results and transfer knowledge. Our goal is to build your teams experience for the next project they perform.

PMO Offering

Our PMO Support Services ensure that both business and technical requirements work together to improve insight and advance program objectives. Our proven process spans the program lifecycle, from initiation to final delivery. BI integrates best practices established by the PMI and always aligns processes between departments and across agencies.

To assist federal clients in their mission to deliver programs in shorter timeframes, fewer resources and smaller budgets, BI provides these PMO services to ensure your organization will have PMO intelligence working for you:

  • Governance – BI keeps the PMO’s mission and focus in the forefront. The governance program provides the overall PMO framework and outlines things like how to organize the PMO, and establish a reporting structure and key performance indicators. Our successful PMO frameworks help federal leaders coordinate programs within agencies and across the government.
  • Integrated Program Management & PMO Structure Set-up – BI develops and implements consistent processes across department, to deliver an Intelligent PMO that can boost efficiency, optimize costs and deliver projects on-time.
  • Risk Mitigation – Our Intelligent PMO provides objective accountability to identify and resolve issues that can delay the delivery of a project. The scope includes issue identification/resolution, impacts, escalation paths, and reporting. We set up a clearly defined risk mitigation process and socialize it with all stakeholders.
  • Resource Allocation – BI understands that resources are limited, and it’s crucial to have the right people tasked with the right job. BI maximizes the productivity and business impact of your resource investments. Our PMO support services will boost productivity – allocating resources among programs, and reducing mission and program risks.
  • Operations & Maintenance – We focus on matching business goals with the appropriate technology platforms and solutions to fit your needs. O&M provides centralized control of all projects – improving communication and coordination across the team.
  • Training – We designed our Intelligent PMO training courses to help keep programs/projects on track, even in the toughest, most unpredictable times. BI customizes each training program to meet the specific needs of your department – from basic program management to advanced training for senior teams.
  • Change Management – BI is skilled at establishing and maintaining a standard process for receiving, testing and approving changes that could impact the scope of your program.

Value Delivered

Today’s government leaders must deliver cost-effective solutions to constituents and stakeholders in shorter timeframes and with fewer resources. Business Intelligence appreciates the unique goals and requirements for successful Program Management, and we tailor our services to fit each client’s needs – delivering PMO best practices that map all program activities against your operation and business goals.

Let BI’s PMO support services help your programs and projects deliver results:

  • Improve Project Success – BI works with each client to implement a consistent and standardized process. Our time-tested Intelligent PMO establishes program standards across the company.
  • Identify Cost Cutting Measures – BI works to manage and reduce costs by enabling better resource management, ensuring project success and identifying projects with the best value return on investment.
  • Boost Efficiency and Consistency – In a climate of budget reductions and greater resource demands, BI helps businesses improve on project delivery in terms of time and budget.
  • Implement PMO Start-up – When the stakes are high and a department needs to implement a PMO for the first time, BI provides the structure needed to standardize your program/project and implement methodologies for repeatable processes.