A Veteran Owned Small Business

Forecasting the Future – How Will My Environment Change in the Next 3-10 Years?

Everyday we read about new developments in technology, new laws and regulations, new business processes and services, and the potential impacts of demographic trends on our employee and customer bases. How can our organization make sense of all the trends and developments occurring in the marketplace and identify those that will impact how business is done?

Using a structured scanning and assessment technique, BI was asked to assist the VHA EHT office in identifying trends and developments that would impact the VHA’s missions in the next 3 – 10 years
  • Advance notice of critical trends and developments
  • Better information to guide planning in both the mid and long term
  • Enhanced ability to influence the trends, developments, and factors 
    impacting the VHA’s missions 
Lessons Learned
  • Apply a client centric perspective to reviewing information
  • Include generalists and the ”general public” as well as librarians and subject matter experts on the assessment team to ensure the assessments are understandable
  • Stay focused on the time-window and
  • Avoid information overload – focus on the priority items and minimize repetitive items
  • Use a watch list to track general activities, conferences, and individuals/organizations of interest
  • How to shift through the vast amount of publicly available information to find relevant information
  • How to accurately assess and predict critical events, trends, and factors
  • How to transform the info

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Healthcare Administration, Emerging Health Technologies office