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Contract Performance

Business Intelligence understands you must actively track and manage contract performance to ensure contractual commitments and associated costs are met. The federal government allocates significant time and resources to negotiate the best possible contract terms, pricing and schedules.

BI’s Contract Performance Tool (CPT) increases the transparency of contract performance for all parties. We designed our contract monitoring solution specifically to help you collect key data, deliver meaningful reports to maximize the value from supplier relationships, and provide actionable information for decision making.

BI’s CPT Solution helps you:

  • Comply with Contract Obligations – BI’s CPT helps you manage contract milestones and obligations more effectively, revealing exposure to risk and uncovering opportunities for savings. For example, CPT lists past-due items for key Activities/Milestones, Deliverables and Interdependencies, providing precise information to uncover opportunities.
  • Manage Risk – Standard and custom reports let you quickly and easily track contract compliance and performance, monitor trends and measure results. BI’s CPT provides EVM calculations to report cost and schedule performance and variance. For example, CPT provides an EVM metrics dashboard that delivers the EVM performance, list of key milestones and status of all deliverables in one easy to review format, available at any level. You can then drill down from any actionable item to determine its root cause and assist in formulating actions.
  • Monitor Budget Performance – Provides visibility to track budget commitment and accountability. For example, CPT provides monthly budget versus actual costs to visibly track performance. In addition, acquisition data is also available to provide a complete picture.
  • Address Federal Regulations – BI’s CPT helps you comply with increasingly stringent legislation and regulation specific to the disclosure of information. For example, all information about the contract, including budget, cost, schedule and acquisition, is available transparently for federal and contractor personnel to review. Comments are saved, providing historical records of events.

CPT Features

Managing a large volume of contracts manually or through multiple departmental systems can create expensive inefficiencies. BI’s CPT lets you be proactive in the management of your contracts. Our comprehensive solution ensures that both the government and contractor team have access to a trusted, common set of performance data and analytical tools.

Highlighted features include:

  • Deployment Options
    • Web-based user access (leveraging IBM Cognos)
    • SaaS (Software as a Service) options available
  • User Access
    • Defined by contract and by role
    • Role-based user profiles (full, read-only, no access, etc.)
  • Dashboard
    • Provides quick access to key data, reports and links
    • Users can customize dashboards and information
  • Contract Data Management
    •  Manage milestone dates
    • Highlight contract provisions, terms & conditions, version control, etc.
    • Budget and contract modifications establish a baseline to monitor project performance
  • Reporting
    •  Save reports in PDF, Excel, comma-separated (.csv) or HTML
    • Report examples include:
      • Budget and Cost Reports – Report budget and actual cost data for current fiscal year
      •  EVM Reports – Report on project performance, EVM metrics and variance trends
      • Forecasting Reports – Available and customizable to meet your specific requirements
    • Drill-down capabilities – Explore report data by drilling-down into successive layers
    •  Up to 20 reports that can be repurposed to support client needs
  • Charts and Graphs
    • Many reports, including those for budget and cost, have graph and chart functionality
  • Alerts
    • You can customize CPT to alert users about particular key events, based on their individual needs. For example, you can set up an alert to notify a user if a task or subtask is within a pre-defined variance, or if a deliverable is past due. Notifications can take place either in an e-mail (with key information sent in the body of the e-mail and any relevant reports sent as attachments), or via a news feed dashboard, where links to report views or key information will appear.

Value Delivered

BI’s CPT helps government agencies manage contracts and vendor performance by giving them the information they need to monitor and control the entire contracting relationship. Our solution delivers:

Flexible Analytical Tool

  • Provides dashboards and specifically designed information, suitable for delivery to Executive Management and Sponsors
  • Delivers meaningful spend management and vendor performance metrics Identifies potential issues quickly
  • Streamlines strategic planning
  • Offers quick views of contract commitments and liabilities
  • Allows users to share information with colleagues

Improved Project Management

  • Eliminates inefficiencies, reduces time and cost of contract compliance
  • Streamlines budget and payment schedules
  • Improves performance tracking
  • Increases contract visibility across vendors and departments
  • Saves time and increases productivity
  • Manages risk exposure more effectively

Ensure Budget Visibility and Accountability

  • Identify costs due to error and eliminate future errors
  • Receive knowledge of total annual contract spend
  • Improve contract renewal – no more auto-renewals without vendor performance reviews
  • Exploit maximum value of contracted terms & conditions

Centralized Management

  • Get quick and easy access to critical dates, obligations and key terms
  • Ensure tighter compliance
  • Improve management decisions
  • Provide efficient contract administration